Riding it hard and putting it away wet

It’s not going to fall apart if you leave it in the garage for the winter (please don’t store your bike outside) but it’s also not going to get better.

Dirt is the enemy. It becomes an abrasive and wears down parts.
You put a lot of dirt and grime on your bike this year.
And lubrication wears out. And things stretch.

Sure, you can get your bike serviced in the spring when the nice weather prompts you to pull it out of the basement. And pay full price. And wait three weeks for a tune-up. Everyone will have had the same idea.

Or you can bring your bike in now.
Get a deal.
And get it done in a week.

And we still offer scheduled same-day tune-ups for commuters.

And winter tune-ups for the hardy who keep riding.

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