New Departure coaster brake


Nice old things.
Very durable.
But the metal on metal of the braking discs produces a lot of heat,
so the grease gets toasted.
(If you’re going to service one, check the thermal rating on your grease. And Shimano makes a fine hub grease.)

Not for going down a lot of hills.

Depending on use, of course, get it serviced every thirty to sixty years, whether it needs it or not.
But not cheap.
Unless you want to keep the bike original, consider buying a new wheel, or even a new hub and have us build a wheel.

But then again, no one makes anything likes this anymore. Took even more time to make than to overhaul.

So if you need one serviced, now you know where.

Been in there; done that.

Feel free to stick questions in the comments, and I’ll answer best I can. -dz

One thought on “New Departure coaster brake

  1. Three sets of bearings: two against the hub, one in the driver captured by the lock ring. Use that cone nut to get the hub tension right and take your time about it. Remember the driver will push in and out, so get that adjustment right.

    If you’re going to service it, get everything spotless: the slightest dirt will grind it up. I tore this one apart because I could see that it was about to turn into a coffee grinder if it got regular use.

    And grease. Lots of grease. Load the bearings. (Know how to do that before attempting a service like this.) Grease the hub. Grease the discs. And pack it in as you assemble it. (A little, but only a little, should leak out when you’re done.)

    If you follow good procedure as you take it apart and clean, it goes back together fairly easily.

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