Penny Farthing Sunday

Two Sunday’s ago I took a great neighborhood ride from Capitol Hill to the Lower Highlands.

Scenic, lined with Aspen and Nineteenth Century architecture it’s a relatively easy ride. After visiting with a friend of mine I decided to come back riding a similar route which is Colfax Ave. past the heart of Downtown over the I-225. Well on my trip back I ended up on 31st and Tejon, and guess who I see but “Paul” a gent who rides a 1878 Penny Farthing and if you ask him, he’s nice enough to answer any questions that you have about this particular model of bicycle which was a staple of the times Denver blossomed as a city in the late 1800’s. The Penny Farthing was the first two wheeled self propelled machine actually referred to as a “bicycle.” Well, coming down this lazy “L” shaped hill I spotted Paul and a fellow rider zooming down the hill on their way for ice cream at a popular local shop. Well, as a freelance blogger for Velowood here in Denver, I got really excited when I saw these guys and I said hello, they set the bikes up for a picture and Paul and I talked for a short while. The excitement about biking in the city is apparent in the smile of the young guy behind the bikes in the photo I took. I had the exact grin on my face the first time I met Paul on the Penny Farthing.Image

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