First snow 2011

The leaves are lovely…
until they get wet.

Then they become dangerously slippery.
Watch yourself out there.

Just like a car, but worse, your stopping distance becomes greater when wet.
Go slower.
Slow down well before intersections.

Watch the corners and brake carefully.
Having your rear tire slip is disconcerting.
If your front tire slips, you fall over.

In the wet your wheel rims and brake pads pick up much more grit.
You can hear it.
It degrades braking and wears your rims and pads.
Wipe your rims and pads when you get home from a wet ride.

And get your brake pads replaced if needed.
We remain open through the season. Need some lights?

Rebuilding an Italian bottom bracket


Working on old bikes has certain joys.

Dirt and old bent parts suck.

But finding just the right part and building it up right delights.

Italian 36 mm by 24 tpi on a Gios frame,
cups, bearings, and spindle all from stock.
It turned out nice.

If you need one, we’ve got at least on more pair of nice cups in stock, and can get more.
Or we can get you a nice modern part to replace all that greasy stuff.

But some of us like grease.