Windy City Times and Trials: Part 3 of “Chicago’s Cycling Community.”

The Northwest section of Chicago was, as impressive, flavorful, and gritty as you should expect the “City of Big Shoulders” to be, the Wicker and Rodgers Park sections of the town were fairly entertaining to ride on, past restaurants, record shops, cycle shops, tree lined neighborhoods on avenuesImage like Western and others like Diversey.

Chicago’s Cycling Community Part 2

imageOne of the many mileage markers that you will see in city. Some shop heads said it was Mayor Daley that implemented city wide cycling culture as it stands in 2013. Others say that Rahm Emanuel current Mayor of the city really brought the city’s cycling to this era. Whomever started urban petrol free commuting in Chicago deserves great credit which includes mention of the men who rode through the streets of old Chicago on their Penny Farthings in the 1870’s.  Trails throughout the city that shift through historic neighborhoods, and parallel to Lake Michigan are phenomenal and deserve a visit if you’re ever there with a good set of wheels at your disposal.


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