Wednesday’s Who’s, What’s, Where’s, and Why’s: Clark Eckel

Clark Eckel : Uses competitive road cycling as defense against Type 1 Diabetes.
Type of frame ridden and why?
Fastest Times Clocked?
What is the most attractive feature of Colorado in terms of training and improving as a cyclist?
Your motivation?
Happiest moment in cycling?
Lowest moment in cycling?

Clark is an impressive and imposing rider it seems. The few times I’ve spotted him on the speer trail, he looks intense, hunkered down and really looking for the most out himself and the bike and the trail itself.
That’s the way that I’d like to think I would approach cycling on a competitive level, on those three levels.

Here is how Clark Answered My Questions:
1-Specialized Tarmac SL4, because 
Specialized is sponsor of my team.

2-Max sprint without lead out is 70.01 kmh(43.45mph) putting down 1508 watts of power

3-Colorado has all types of terrain. For sprinters like myself, training in the mtns. is a way to stay efficient and lose weight. Climbing always gives you an edge. Views are stellar, and the racing scene is competitive beyond anywhere else.

4-To be a voice in the world of young diabetics and their families questioning their ability to do elite sports despite being a diabetic.

5-Winning Weld County Road Race 2013 and becoming a professional cyclist at age of 18 taking 3rd in junior Olympics: Durango, CO 2001.

6-Lowest moment is getting hit by car May 25, 2012. He was at fault. Concussion, ribs, 39 stitches, destroyed bike (same bike model ridden now), took only 4 weeks off before continuing competition.

Cycling is an amazing sport and is available to everyone from beginner to professional. Despite being in the elite ranks, it is the only sport that has given me the satisfaction of being healthy, strong, and mentally stable. It became my life.

We want to Thank Clark for answering our questions and wish him continued success and safety on the circuit:)Image

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