Morning Madness:)

For the two years I’ve lived in Denver, I’ve frequented Velowood. The reason why just came to me and it is hilarious as to why I’ve returned to their shop time and time again. Location! Location! Location! Maybe a mile and a half away tops from where I live, it’s all downhill from 8th Avenue and if you take Washington to Sixth and catch all of the traffic lights while green, it’s intense, because by the time you get to the left which represents Sixth Ave you’ve built up a significant amount of momentum and you can cruise right over to Marion outdistancing cars headed East. Yup, with that ride and the patience of Victor, Joe, and the shop technicians it’s been a easy choice to frequent. The picture taken speaks to how comfortable residents of the  neighborhood that border Velowood Cyclery are with the shop. Summer time is approaching?

Why not ride? This shop ensures that you can:)


Penny Farthing Sunday

Two Sunday’s ago I took a great neighborhood ride from Capitol Hill to the Lower Highlands.

Scenic, lined with Aspen and Nineteenth Century architecture it’s a relatively easy ride. After visiting with a friend of mine I decided to come back riding a similar route which is Colfax Ave. past the heart of Downtown over the I-225. Well on my trip back I ended up on 31st and Tejon, and guess who I see but “Paul” a gent who rides a 1878 Penny Farthing and if you ask him, he’s nice enough to answer any questions that you have about this particular model of bicycle which was a staple of the times Denver blossomed as a city in the late 1800’s. The Penny Farthing was the first two wheeled self propelled machine actually referred to as a “bicycle.” Well, coming down this lazy “L” shaped hill I spotted Paul and a fellow rider zooming down the hill on their way for ice cream at a popular local shop. Well, as a freelance blogger for Velowood here in Denver, I got really excited when I saw these guys and I said hello, they set the bikes up for a picture and Paul and I talked for a short while. The excitement about biking in the city is apparent in the smile of the young guy behind the bikes in the photo I took. I had the exact grin on my face the first time I met Paul on the Penny Farthing.Image

1979 Le Tour IV Classic Single Speed:)

1979 Le Tour IV Classic Single Speed:)

This was a vintage 1979 LeTour IV built in Chicago, Illinois.
Verified by the serial number that was stamped at the factory near the left dropout, it was a beautifully crafted mid level bicycle. Compared with a Peugot in 1979, the frame itself was a filet brazed CroMo that rode beautifully. I purchased it from a young father who had built it but due to his newborn’s attachment to dad, he couldn’t ride it . So, I was fortunate enough to buy this awesome bike with Super Maxi Cranks, Bontrager tyres, grips and saddle for 180.00. This is how I re established my Love of bicycles.